DMCA Infringement Management System

December 13, 2016

Complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is very complex and becoming increasingly expensive for Service Providers. Section 512 of the 
DMCA contains “safe harbor” provisions which can shield Service Providers 
from liability for the copyright infringements of their subscribers and for
 provision of links to copyright-infringing material from other Internet sources. 
DMCA notifications management takes intense training and due diligence to comply with. Accurately and efficiently notifying subscribers of copyright infringement is a critical priority with potential consequences including litigation and penalties for those that are non-compliant.

Yaana’s DMCA Infringement Management System offers customizable work-flows that securely receive and send notifications in seconds – saving the compliance team valuable processing time while ensuring compliance.


  • Respond efficiently and securely to copyright infringement and takedown notifications from content owners
  • Validate content owners and request authenticity quickly and cost-effectively
  • Intuitive user interface for receiving and tracking infringement notices
  • Customizable workflows and rules engine with configurable role and permission based visibility to adapt to each service provider’s unique requirements
  • Subscriber IP address mapping with escalation workflows for easy management of repeat infringers
  • Immediate ROI with team efficiency