July 14, 2015

LEADS (Law Enforcement Agency Data System) leverages state of the art technologies to address the process complexities of delivering and receiving thousands of global legal requests to thousands of service providers and organizations world wide.


  • Compliant with the U.S. CALEA, ECPA and FISA government acts
  • Communications Provider Lookup quickly identifies the correct provider
  • Integrated Number Lookup quickly identifies the owner of the account
  • Data retention maintained within a highly secure and scalable infrastructure
  • Meets multiple jurisdictional government mandates
  • Submits and receives to multiple providers in one location
  • Fully integrates with legacy networks and vendor systems

This system is designed to meet the needs of local, federal or global agencies by providing secure privacy-protective mechanisms for delivering requests to providers while receiving and retaining responses. With end-to-end security and electronic storage, our service replaces inefficient insecure paper-based processes.