NeuString Retail Roaming

March 27, 2020

Winning the loyalty of subscribers and increasing their usage can be a challenge. At the same time, these are essential to maximizing the average margin per user. Mobile Operators must develop a clear subscriber engagement strategy that leads to enhanced roaming usage and reduced churn. It is critical for operators to understand granular level details and receive in-depth information about every subscriber as well as the root cause of each behavioral pattern.


  • Improve your roaming business model by optimizing revenue and profit margins
  • Allows Mobile Operators to compete on analytics and adapt services efficiently
  • Simulate impact of segmented tariff plans, offer a standard price for roaming and evaluate the impact of regulatory change
  • Segment-based, advanced zoning, flexible pricing, time periods and automated retail price suggestions for creating different tariff plans
  • Budgeting and forecasting with competitive tariff plan analysis
  • Analysis based on service types, networks, data range, subscriber segmentation, time bands, premium numbers, B-numbers, IMSI level, currencies and more

Yaana’s NeuString Retail Roaming solution enables Mobile Operators to better understand every action of each outbound roaming subscriber and to tailor roaming subscriptions and price plans according to individual preferences.