Request Management System thumb

Request Management System

Request Management System provides a secure privacy protective mechanism for achieving legal compliance without building costly in-house solutions that deplete internal resources and operating expenses.

Lawful Interception System thumb

Lawful Interception System

The 2G/3G/4G/LTE/Broadband Lawful Interception System utilizes a unique approach for intercepting 2G/3G/4G/LTE/Broadband data while minimizing the burden on the network. Yaana’s system eliminates the need for expensive probes on data links within a provider’s network.

Network Orchestration System thumb

Network Orchestration System

Yaana’s Network Orchestration System (NOS) is a virtualization framework for lawful intercept and network mass metadata collection for analytics, compliance, and security applications. NOS provides stateful awareness of users, targets and network configuration enabling the timely deployment of software agents to the relevant network element. The infrastructure agents register with NOS as they begin execution, […]

DataHub thumb


Yaana DataHub Platform is an API aggregation layer, which acts as a central location for all relevant APIs. DataHub abstracts different platform/protocols being used in individual backend systems i.e. SAP, Amdocs, TIBCO, CDR Store, etc. and provides a single unified component (served via secured RESTful APIs) to integrate with Yaana Request Management System (RMS) or […]

DeepProbe® Smart Network Appliance thumb

DeepProbe® Smart Network Appliance

DeepProbe is a multi-use smart network product. DeepProbe incorporates intelligent deep packet inspection and application decoding scalable from rough-to-fine traffic visibility with configurable alerting on user-defined network events in real-time.

Internet Records Intelligence Solution thumb

Internet Records Intelligence Solution

Internet Records Intelligence Solution for IP Address Resolution encompasses off-switch data acquisition, IP ingestion, and retention, along with query and disclosure management. Each component can be used separately or together to provide a perfect fit Internet Records Intelligence Solution for each CSP’s needs.

DMCA Infringement Management System thumb

DMCA Infringement Management System

Our DMCA Infringement Management System offers customizable work-flows that securely receive and send notifications in seconds – saving the compliance team valuable processing time while ensuring compliance.

NeuString™ Wholesale Roaming thumb

NeuString™ Wholesale Roaming

Our NeuString™ Wholesale Roaming solution helps identify problem areas and potential improvements and allows users to test the impact of such activities. Our solution offers a superior turnaround time for greater predictive customer insights into margins, usage, and returns.

NeuString™ Retail Roaming thumb

NeuString™ Retail Roaming

Our NeuString™ Retail Roaming solution enables Mobile Operators to better understand every action of each outbound roaming subscriber and to tailor roaming subscriptions and price plans according to individual preferences.


NetDiscovery Compliance Cloud™ Managed Service thumb

NetDiscovery Compliance Cloud™ Managed Service

NetDiscovery Compliance Cloud Managed Service meets the CALEA standards, and is a fully managed Trusted Third Party service that relieves the service providers from handling and processing legal requests received from law enforcement for lawful interception and records production.

DMCA Infringement Management Service thumb

DMCA Infringement Management Service

DMCA Infringement Management Service is a unique end-to-end solution designed to meet the compliance needs of Service Providers (and any other organizations served with DMCA legal process), by enabling quick and secure responses to copyright infringement notifications.

Records Production Service thumb

Records Production Service

Our Legal Compliance staff is highly trained and able to discuss, facilitate and process the most sensitive legal process requests. The Compliance Operations team at Yaana can help with tailored workflows, installation and integrations to help throughout your compliance life-cycle.


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