Resilient, Cost-Effective and

Highly Flexible

Big Data Solutions

Our highly scalable infrastructure provides fully customizable capabilities to adapt to each organization’s unique needs and requirements. We have leveraged sophisticated technologies designed to ensure the cost of handling big data is well managed while providing extremely high-speed access to retained data.

Our Products & Services Offer

End-to-end security and private cloud storage
Highly scalable infrastructure
Real-time retrieval and archiving system
Active redundant architecture


Critical Analysis to

Transform Big Data

into Relevant Intelligence

We help our customers design, develop and execute strategies that enhance existing systems and processes. Yaana’s cloud infrastructure solution and big data analytics technology, identifies relevant information in real-time.

Our Products & Services Offer

Data quality verification and analysis
Comprehensive and customizable reporting
Real-time metrics in multiple formats
Visualization of big data


Technology Provides

Swift and Accurate

Compliance Response

Yaana has developed systems to automate policy management that meet or exceed various compliance requirements for retention and usage of sensitive high value information. We provide secure privacy protective solutions for achieving legal compliance without building costly in-house solutions.

Our Products & Services Offer

Automation and streamlined process
Speed, accuracy and auditability
Jurisdictional integrity
Immediate return on investment (ROI)


Nations face

Significant Risks and Threats

to the safety and well-being of their citizens

Yaana provides solutions to collect, correlate, and analyze communications from a variety of technically disparate telecommunication networks and the Internet.

Our Products & Services Offer

access to a wide variety of telecommunications network technologies and data sources
real-time analysis and response to threats against life, property, and national security
multi-vector profile truths for social, economic, and cyber threats in the global landscape




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