Thailand Attack Highlights Need for Lawful Intercept Solutions

August 17, 2015

The tragic bomb attack at Thailand’s Erawan shrine was Thailand’s deadliest act of terrorism the country had seen.

The attack left 20 people dead and hundreds injured. A collection of crime scene information and call detail, and mobile phone monitoring resulted in the arrest of a man and woman that may be behind the bombings ( This information also uncovered this may be connected to a group that has been orchestrating multiple bombings. The national police chief mentioned, “this blast was made by teams. I believe this network links with people inside Thailand…more than 10 people were involved.” (

Atrocities like these underscore the need for advanced communications monitoring technologies that can identify and track criminals and terrorists. Yaana Technologies portfolio of smart network appliances and managed services for network visibility, compliance, and security applications provide a balance of legal due process combined with advanced monitoring and intercept capabilities that can potentially prevent these tragic occurrences.