VoLTE, 5G Challenges and Solution for Mobile Service Providers

December 19, 2015

Wireless infrastructure networks are constantly evolving. Often mobile service providers must maintain multiple generations in order to support new and legacy services. Unfortunately we don’t see this getting any easier anytime soon with the emergence of VoLTE and 5G on the horizon.

It’s important to have the right long-term compliance partner with a broad spectrum of products and services capabilities in order to navigate these generational challenges. As mobile service providers navigate these network generations and new Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications are deployed, it’s critical to have a long term partner that can provide compliance AND greater visibility into network utilization and subscriber trends.

Key considerations for mobile service providers when choosing a compliance partner are:

  1. Strong mobile network expertise. Make sure your partner has significant technical capabilities with a technical staff that is maintaining and advancing their data acquisition probes and managed services platform. Yaana has an engineering staff comprised of over 50 R&D engineers who are constantly updating our products and managed service solutions for current and emerging mobile network generations.
  2. Flexible deployment and cost models. Yaana provides a spectrum of compliance and analytics solutions from smart network appliances to managed services. A capex product solution for your compliance needs may make sense today. However as your organization grows and needs change, managed services might become a better solution. Yaana provides a complete set of solutions that enable flexibility in technical deployment solutions as well as business models.
  3. Cost sink to profit center. Data retention, lawful intercept, and compliance workflow management are cost sinks. Yaana’s products and services solutions are designed with rich meta data extraction and analytics capability add-ons that can turn the cost sink of compliance into a profit center. Yaana’s Data Analytics Service (DAS) can provide CDR analysis comparisons between billing records and network data to detect lost call revenue and network fraud. Yaana is constantly working on new analytics capabilities for greater visibility into subscriber use trends, network behavior as new services are deployed, and demographics for greater network profitability and monetization.