Internet Records Intelligence Solution

March 27, 2020

Internet Records Intelligence Solution (IRIS) for IP Address Resolution encompasses off-switch data acquisition, IP ingestion, and retention, along with query and disclosure management. Each component can be used separately or together to provide a perfect fit Internet Records Intelligence Solution for each CSP’s needs.


  • User interface for receiving, processing and disclosing requests
  • Ability to ingest structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources
  • Deep data mining capability to drive strategy & decision making
  • Multilevel role-based access control with complete auditability
  • Retain data for business, regulatory or government mandates
  • Unique analytics on requests and retained data without disrupting ingestion
  • Secure web-based or programmatic configuration & provisioning
  • Advanced processing workflow automation for improved efficiency

Our Internet Records Intelligence Solution helps you customize and secure your acquisition, retention and disclosure of IP Addresses for analysis and reporting, correlate specific session IP addresses and users across Carrier Grade Network Address Translators (CG-NAT) without degrading network performance, acquire IP Addresses in real-time and disclose to requestors, and perform complete IP address logging with public and private IP Address Resolution.