Helix 360

July 14, 2015

Helix 360 delivers actionable insights from multiple disparate data sources onto a single, unified analytics interface making it easy for National Security and Public Safety intelligence analysts to identity threats. By fusing together information from various structured and unstructured data streams including CDR, IP activity, social media, geolocation, forensics, and national databases likeNational ID, Passport, Immigration, Criminal, Vehicle Registration, Helix 360 uncovers hidden patterns and develops interactive models around target behavior, allowing analysts to predict a target’s next move.


  • Target Profiling: 360-degree view of target behavior combining variety of communications data
  • Universal Search: Querying using keyword, structured, geo-spatial, and Boolean searches
  • Geospatial Intelligence: Consolidation of all geo-tagged events for targets onto a single map with established movement routines for predictive analysis
  • Graph Analysis: Relationships identification between data objects and examination of network data flows
  • Mass Data Analytics: Suspicious behavior identification and target development in mass data pool leveraging existing target profiles as baseline models
  • Social Media Analytics: Targeted and public sentiment analysis, NER topic extraction, and opinion mining
  • Investigation Management: Collaborative workspaces for analysts to jointly contribute to active investigations

Helix 360 uses advanced predictive analytics and equips analysts with rich visualizations to explore integrated data sets and analysis of results, creating an encompassing profile of high-value targets and associated interests through advanced link analysis and machine learning.