NeuString Wholesale Roaming

March 27, 2020

The most important task for roaming professionals should be to improve margins by expanding and improving discount agreements as well as ensuring that prices and traffic distribution are continuously optimized. Yaana’s NeuString Wholesale Roaming solution allows Mobile Operators to do exactly that.


  • Improve your roaming business model by optimizing revenue and minimizing cost
Compete on analytics and adapt services efficiently
  • Design, simulate, evaluate and forecast financial performance of agreements
  • Perform financial impact analysis of events, values from TAP files, changes to market share and service usage behavior
  • Create “What if” scenarios and test their impact on your roaming business
  • Conduct financial impact analysis of changes to traffic steering policy and distribution changes for previous and future periods for optimal distribution
  • Gain insight from standard and user-defined reports on all aspects of your roaming business

Yaana’s NeuString Wholesale Roaming solution helps identify problem areas and potential improvements and allows users to test the impact of such activities. Our solution offers a superior turnaround time for greater predictive customer insights into margins, usage, and returns.